Unparliamentary Hairstyle?

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Bain and Grants Town MP shows off a new ‘hair do’

Member of Parliament for Bain and Grants Town Travis Robinson is sporting a new hairstyle.

On his social media post, the young MP showcases a new look that may require a second look. He spots a faded hairstyle with black beaded plaits.

Robinson says he is trying something new. “Trying out one new look,” he says.

Aware that the new look may take some by surprise, Robinson says, “It’s best I post it before the pundits do. They’ll get over it.”

The young MP in his early twenties confronts the traditional appearance of parliamentarians and says, “Realize that leadership doesn’t have a look, size, or sound.

“Don’t judge and summarize someone by the way they appear. They just might be what you’re looking for.

“Check my record it speaks for me. Much love and respect!”

The new hairstyle has caused many to question whether the look is ‘parliamentary.’

Patricia Ferguson asks that he take the beads out of his hair because of his position as MP. She requests that he wear a more “professional” style.

Another critic, Helen Tellach says, “This type of hairstyle is not for an MP sitting in the House of Assembly. Sorry about that.”

Robinson’s hairstyle has garnered support and some welcome the change.

“Look nice on you brother,” says Angelo Taylor.

Livi Rolle says, “Do you. [You’re] a young leader. You make changes.”

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