Inside a Bahamian Hut Built Off-the-Grid in Eleuthera

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A Miami couple spent five years building a hut by hand, on land they purchased in Eleuthera.

Architects Melissa and Jacob Brillhart took less than five weeks to put the house together, spending ten days laying the foundation and building the first floor, and three weeks erecting the second floor and shingling the roof.

Living in Miami, they spent weekends visiting Eleuthera to work on their vacation home.

The hut is 600 square feet: the first floor has a kitchen and living room, and the second floor has a bedroom and a small bathroom.

Because the hut is off-the-grid, the Brillharts gather rainwater from a roof with a cistern and rely on solar panels for power. For waste, they dug a septic tank and a drain field. The stove and hot water heater run on propane gas that they fill from the local gas station.

The hut has no air conditioning.

The living room is situated on the lower floor.
The family assembles in the kitchen of the hut
The bathroom and kitchenette are located in an outbuilding
The bedroom is located on the second floor with skylights
The off kitchen
The other side of the kitchen

Photo credit: The Insider

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