Disaster Authority Says Domes Are Not for Commercial Use

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An image shows an occupant utilizing the dome as a restaurant and bar

The Disaster Reconstruction Authority (DRA) is responding to the commercial use of a recently installed dome in Spring City, Abaco, seen circulated on social media.

The authority says domes should not be used for commercial purposes.

An image circulated social media suggests that food is being sold from one of the domes. A sign sits under the window of the dome, reads, “The Bae Restaurant and Bar.”

In a press statement, the authority says it has advised the person responsible to stop this activity immediately, and has also been emphasized to other dome residents that the structures are not for commercial use.

The authority says the domes are the property of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).

Domes will be available for disaster response in the future, and residents cannot sell or rent out the domes or use them for commercial purposes.

The domes were recently installed in Springfield, Abaco following the devastating blow of Hurricane Dorian. They temporary housing for individuals, as they rebuild or repair their homes.

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