Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Family Islanders Exempted From Shopping Schedule

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But Family Islanders will follow strict social distancing order

During a virtual meeting with Family Island administrators on Monday afternoon, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis exempted island communities from the food shopping schedule that went into effect on 6 April.

Family Island store owners may manage shoppers based on strict physical distancing protocols already in place under the Emergency Powers Order 2020.

All Family Island food stores will also be allowed to operate until 7pm on Thursday to accommodate the delivery of food and supplies via mail boat and other shipping services.

The Prime Minister also extended special exceptions to certain islands based on specific needs related to fuel, cargo and inter-island ferry service.

During the meeting the Prime Minister also received an update from each administrator on the readiness of health care facilities, food and fuel supplies and other matters.

During his contribution in the House of Assembly on Monday, the Prime Minister said the shopping schedule was agreed after widespread consultation and discussion, including with the National Coordinating Committee.

The schedule will regularly allow all residents access to food shopping three times per week. It also allows for a specially designated time for senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

The schedule also ensures that each group has access to at least one afternoon slot to accommodate essential workers.

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