Thursday, March 23, 2023

Principal Daxon Takes Vacation Amid Never Ending Saga at Thelma Gibson School

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Principal Olivia Daxon went on vacation as teachers at Thelma Gibson Primary School continue to lobby for her dismissal.

In a press statement, Education Minister Glenys Hanna-Martin said the ministry consented to Daxon’s request for vacation leave.

The big story

Thelma Gibson Primary School was thrust into the spotlight following a conflict between Daxon and a teacher who alleged Daxon attacked her.

Since then other teachers have protested Daxon’s presence at the school, demonstrating in front of the Prime Minister’s Office and garnering 402 votes from parents to remove Daxon as principal. President of the Bahamas Union of Teachers Belinda Wilson says Daxon’s ‘leadership style, behavior and conduct’ breed contention.

Daxon was transferred from Carlton E Francis Primary School following tension with staff.

Why it matters

Teachers have refused to show up for work and Friday’s emergency meeting at the school was held to prompt teachers to go back to work. However, the meeting turned chaotic when Daxon’s children showed up and a brawl erupted.

What happens next?

The Minister of Education Glenys Hanna Martin has not made it clear what her ministry will do when Daxon returns from vacation. Will she continue as principal?

It remains to be seen how teachers will react to Daxon’s absence.


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