PM Says False Claims About Him Are Malicious

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Dr. Minnis refutes social media note suggesting a complaint was filed against him after dining in Lyford Cay as country is in lockdown

The Office of the Prime Minister is denying the content of a note circulating on social media

purporting that a Bahamian resident filed a complaint against Prime Minister Hubert Minnis.

The note alleges that a complaint was filed against Dr. Minnis after he was discovered having lunch at an establishment in Lyford Cay, after announcing a complete shutdown of services in the country.

The note further alleges that the resident and her attorney, John Bostwick filed a complaint against Dr. Minnis as “he and others should be held to the same standards that is mandated to all Bahamians,” and were subsequently arrested by police and are on bail, after the complaint was made.

But the Office of the Prime Minister is refuting this note. “The public is advised that this note is completely false,” the prime minister says in a statement.

The statement continues, “This is an example of malicious fake news. It is intended to injure the reputation of the Prime Minister and Mr. Bostwick.”

The prime minister says the the matter was turned over to the police for investigation and added that

Bostwick has also filed a complaint with the police.

The prime minister reminds the country that under the Regulations of the Emergency Powers Order, punishment for creation of malicious fake news could include imprisonment or conviction.

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