Wednesday, June 7, 2023

‘NE Airport Is Too Small for Physical Distancing on July 1st’

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Sweeting asked how far is government prepared to go, to protect border workers

Opposition Senator Clay Sweeting is concerned that when the borders reopen on July 1st, and tourists begin to pour into North Eleuthera, the small airport may not provide sufficient space to adhere to COVID-19 protocols.

Speaking in the Upper Chamber on Wednesday, Sweeting who ran as a PLP candidate for that constituency, but lost to FNM Ricky Mackey, asked, “When we consider our family island airports especially North Eleuthera and how small it is, how is it expected that there will be adequate social distancing?

“How do you separate the 100 plus travelers that are squeezing into the 30 x 25 space with 6 airline counters and one small screening room?”

Sweeting said he is concerned for civil servants who remain on the front line as international visitors arrive through the borders.

He asked further, “Will the government invest in PPE to ensure their health and safety? Has the government implemented a deep sanitization regime for all public buildings? Has the janitorial staff been provided with appropriate sanitizers to continue to keep the spaces clean?”

Sweeting said government must ensure employees at the ports of entry are safe as government restarts the economy.

“Is it not the responsibility of the government to ensure that the staff at these airports and docks is safe?

“While it is evident that we must get the economy up and going, we must ensure the front line workers are protected as well,” Sweeting said.

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