Monday, June 5, 2023

Sister Pleads for Safe Return of Missing Man

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The family of 20-year-old Kyle Carey is worried sick.

Carey, a resident of King Coral Drive went missing last week Thursday and has not been seen since.

“He is the sweetest person you can meet. He is not in his best of mind, so if anyone see him, please call the police,” Tanesha Mackey, his sister pleaded.

The family said Carey, described as slim built and light skinned, frequented the Coral Harbour Park, the Coral Harbour Plaza and a convenience store in the area he lives.

“He is my baby brother and the feeling of not knowing is unbearable. I just need him home safe,” the distraught sister said.

Kaelin, an older brother said Carey faced difficulties, and was a homebody. He made this plea: “I know you be in your head alot, just come home…whatever you going through remember, we love you brother …You are not alone.”

He continued, “I know [I’m] to work and you be by yourself, but don’t let the enemy take you from us brother…Come back. I know [you’re] alright.”

A friend of Carey said he often travelled without a mobile phone and is not sociable. “He is a loner and does not have any friends or girlfriends.”

If you have any information of Carey’s whereabouts, the family is asking you to call the police.

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