Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Minnis Taps Thompson to Assist Him in Finance Ministry; Davis Disapproves

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After promising to appoint a minister to the post of finance minister since the resignation of Peter Turnquest, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said he will continue to serve in the position for the remainder of the term.

Minnis was sworn in as interim minister of finance last week, saying he will make a substantive appointment. However, Sunday during the national address, Minnis says he will remain in the post for longer than expected but will be surrounded by a team of experts.

Minnis’ new post met with opposition by Philip Davis

Opposition Leader Philip Davis issued a statement following Minnis’ announcement on Sunday. Davis doubts that Minnis is suited for the post as minister of finance.

Davis said, “No one in the Bahamas believes that Hubert Minnis is qualified to act as Minister of Finance.

“He has admitted in private that he is no good at figures. The fact that he is choosing to remain as Minister of Finance is an admission that no FNM MP is qualified to occupy that vital position even as the nation faces an extremely serious economic and fiscal crisis,” Davis said.

Minnis to be assisted by a junior finance minister

PM Minnis will be assisted by a team including Senator Kwasi Thompson, who will be the Minister of State for Finance.

Turning Grand Bahama into a Tech Hub - Government - News
Senator Kwasi Thompson. Photo credit: Bahamas Gov

Over the past nearly four years Thompson has been Minister of State for Grand Bahama,  promoting digital technology and training.

Minnis said Thompson will now focus on the economic needs and recovery of Grand Bahama, Family Island development, and the ongoing digital transformation of the Bahamas and the government.

Thompson, in a statement, said his areas of focus are the Government’s Digital Transformation, Cashless Initiatives, Ease of Doing Business, Digitizing the Investment process, promoting the Digital Economy, and E-Commerce Development.

He said, “As the new Minister of State, we will continue to consult broadly with business stakeholders, civil society, consumer groups and the general public to ensure the policy positions of the Government reflect the realities on the ground and are responsive to the needs of our citizenry. The public can feel free to write the Ministry and to provide the policy feedback that will be vital as we move towards recovery.”

Featured Image: Bahamas Information Services

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