Tuesday, October 3, 2023

3 Tips for a Healthy Marriage During the Coronavirus Lockdown

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The coronavirus pandemic has caused couples to spend more time together than ever before. While quality time is beneficial, it may present challenges since too much time together may become overwhelming due to lack of space and little individual time for oneself.

In fact, attorneys have expressed that marriages in the Bahamas are dissolving during this time, as they have received numerous calls to assist in divorce cases.

QC Wayne Munroe said spending too much time together is the quickest way to get a divorce, as little things become annoying. Munroe said he expects more divorces as lockdown continues.

While Munroe may have a bleak outlook on marriages, Therapist and Relationship Consultant Harrison Thompson says your marriage can survive the lockdown.

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Here’s how:

1. Carve out Individual time

We all need to ensure that while spending more time together, we don’t run into ‘proximity fatigue’ where we’re tired of seeing our partner when we usually don’t. Don’t get offended by space either but use it to refresh so that you can come back together, reinvigorated.

2. Allow your partner to have feelings

Sometimes we don’t let our partner feel and go through their emotions without judging them for it. Feelings are meant to be felt and when we don’t do that, problems get worse and so do our responses to them.

3. Be silly

Only be an adult when absolutely necessary. Sometimes we take in too much information that overwhelms us and makes us anxious. Being silly with one another is a great way to break tensions and return to a lighter mood.

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