Monday, February 6, 2023

Prince William and Kate’s Caribbean Tour Met With Protest in Belize

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Prince William and Kate’s Caribbean Tour was marred by protest in Belize as the couple begins their Caribbean tour in honor of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Villagers protested the visitation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their cacao farm forcing the event to be removed from the schedule by their office.

Villagers are in dispute over “contested property” between residents of Indian Creek village and Flora and Fauna International (FFI), the conservation charity that William supports as a patron.

Residents also claimed they were not consulted about the landing site of the royal couple’s helicopter which is a local football pitch field.

Chairman of Indian Creek village, Sebastian Shol said, “We don’t want them to land on our land, that’s the message that we want to send. They could land anywhere but not on our land.”

Dionisio Shol, a youth leader in the community told 7NewsBelize, “Imagine you going to Kenisington palace, you can’t just show up there. You have to dialogue and see if you even can go. So reverse it in our role, and say, why would the state be aiding [them]. It’s like the state is aiding these colonial masters by doing that to us.”

The Kensington Palace said, “We can confirm that due to sensitive issues involving the community in Indian Creek, the visit has been moved to a different location – further details will be provided in due course.”

The Belize Government said it will move the visitation to another location.

After the Belize trip, the couple will travel to Jamaica and the Bahamas.

Why it matters

It brings to light the growing tension between British colonies and their relationship with the royal family as countries with the Queen as head of state, begin to question their colonial past.


Photo credit: Rebecca English/Daily Mail

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