Saturday, July 2, 2022

What Happens if the Queen Gets Too Sick?

When Buckingham Place announced that Queen Elizabeth11 contracted COVID-19, it startled many since she represents one of the most high profile figures to contract the virus.

The frail 95-year-old is at a higher risk of serious infection because of her age, placing a renewed attention on her health. This comes after two years of effort to prevent her from contracting the contagious infection.

While she is being monitored closely after experiencing “mild cold like symptoms,” Buckingham Palace says she is working on “light duties” at Windsor Castle.

Buckingham Palace says if the queen needs to suspend her official duties, two or more counselors of state can act on her behalf.

Who are these counselors?

These counselors include her husband Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Royal experts say Prince Charles and Prince William are likely to take on some of the queen’s responsibilities.

This does not apply to her deceased husband, Prince Philip who died last year.

Prince Andrew is highly unlikely, since has garnered negative attention to the royal family after he was stripped of public duties following a sexual assault lawsuit, which he settled.

And Prince Harry has since left  Britain for California, with reports of bad blood between he and the royal family.

It also comes in her Platinum Jubilee year marking 70 years on the throne.

She will be 96-years-old in April.

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