Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Davis Spends Christmas in COVID Isolation After Close Contact with Family Who Contracted the Virus

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Prime Minister Philip Davis is in COVID isolation following close contact with a family member who tested positive for the infectious disease.

In a COVID-19 Ministry of Health press briefing, Davis spoke from his home while in quarantine, stating that he was exposed to COVID-19 by visiting family members from the United States.

Though he tested negative after multiple testings, he is quarantined to ensure he is not ill and to prevent passing the virus on to others.

His wife, Marie Davis, and other family members tested positive for the virus, he said, though they were fully vaccinated.

The big picture

COVID 19 cases in the country are climbing after months of a lull.  Twenty-six cases were reported on Monday, 73 reported on Tuesday; and 140 cases on Wednesday. Though the new variant, Omicron has not been found in the Bahamas, health officials said they are monitoring the situation closely and have sent samples to Panama for testing.

Why it matters

Health officials around the world have described the Omicron as milder than the Delta variant but more transmissible.  In fact, It has overtaken Delta as the dominant strain in the USA and the UK.

Officials fear that the Christmas holidays will cause an explosion of new cases, resulting in overwhelmed hospitals, and deaths among people who are immunocompromised.

What Prime Minister Davis says

Davis said the country should expect difficult weeks ahead, as health officials gauge the increase of infections in the country and in Florida.  He said his government will operate as if the virus is already here and is preparing to distribute medical-grade masks; introduce new measures at the border– Bahamians and visitors will have to test negative within 3 days instead of 5; restrict indoor gatherings to 20 people and outdoor gatherings to 30 people; extend the vaccination program to the inner-city communities.

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