Friday, March 24, 2023

Five Things to Know About New House Speaker

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Bamboo Town MP Patricia Deveaux was appointed the new Speaker of the House of Assembly and presided over her first session on Wednesday, during the Opening of Parliament.

In her opening address, Deveaux said she will ensure timeliness, order and fairness in the House.

She follows Former Speaker Halson Moultrie, who has been described as the most controversial speaker in Bahamian history.

Here’s what to know about Deveaux

  1. She is the 55th Speaker of the House Assembly.
  2. Deveaux is the second woman House Speaker in Bahamian history, after Italia Johnson.
  3. She served as the PLP’s National Vice-Chair and as a senior executive secretary in the Ministry of National Security.
  4. She made headlines in 2020 after making an ethnic slur at a PLP rally when she said her party has only “nice-looking people” and not a “bunch of darkies all over the place, heating up the place”. Deveaux later apologized.
  5. She will be assisted in her role by Deputy Speaker Sylvanus Petty, the North Eleuthera MP.

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