Saturday, September 30, 2023

Former PM Ingraham Says Govt is ‘Very Wrong’ on Official Funeral for Rolle

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Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham emerged from obscurity to pay respects to Former Cabinet Minister Darrell Rolle, who died at the age of 77.  Prime Minister Ingraham criticized the government for not permitting the funeral at a church. He called it “very wrong” and “inconsiderate.”

Why it matters

  • Hon Darrell Rolle is a former Cabinet Minister, serving in the Pindling administration. His last appointment was Minister of National Security, a position he held from 1990 until August 1992, when the PLP was voted out of office.
  • Traditionally, official funerals are held at churches.

The big picture

The Emergency Order outlines the limitations of funerals in the country as health officials combat the spread of the virus. The competent authority has restricted funeral services to graveside only, with ten individuals in attendance, excluding the officiant.

What Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham said

He said, “I am very disappointed because the government did not allow Darrell Rolle’s funeral to be held in a church. He gave distinguished service to the Bahamas over many years.”

Ingraham said he did not want to involve himself in any controversy over the emergency order.

Government funeral status for former cabinet ministers

  • Hon Darrell Rolle falls under the second tier of official funerals given to former Cabinet ministers and serving members of Parliament.
  • The government covers funeral costs up to a maximum of $10,000 and the police and defence force provide an honour guard.
  • Lying-in-state takes place in the House of Assembly. The church service is carried live on radio and may be recorded for future airing.
  • The church service is attended by the governor-general, the prime minister, Cabinet ministers, other parliamentarians and senior public officers.
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