Thursday, February 9, 2023

PLP Wants COP to Crack Down on Lethal Weapons Used by Police

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After an off-duty police officer was arraigned in the Magistrate’s Court today for the killing of a man in Exuma, the Progressive Liberal Party is calling on the police force to implement less-lethal forces to subdue suspects.

Why it matters

Jarvis Burrows, an Exuma resident was shot by an off-duty officer and later died on Wednesday evening, after being arrested for suspected marijuana.The photos and video of the incident circulated social media showing Burrows lying in a pool of blood as a man identified by bystanders as an officer, 52-year-old Jason Anderson, pulls “a bag of weed” from the Burrow’s hand.

What the PLP says?

Fred Mitchell, party chairman described police-involved shootings as “emotive,” and says the police force needs “more nonlethal methods of subduing suspects and in crowd control.”

“We see batons – but the available method of force goes from the nonlethal baton to service weapons, sometimes big guns in usually nonviolent social gatherings.

“We appreciate that police officers currently have few choices, but they must be careful in discharging their service weapons. Lethal force should always be a last resort.

The solution?

Mitchell suggests two methods for constraint and control of suspects:

  • Pepper sprays
  • Tasers


Sgt Jason Anderson was arraigned on manslaughter charges and was granted bail on Friday afternoon.

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