Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Minnis to Focus On COVID-19 Hospitalization Care and Continuation of Businesses in National Address Tonight

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Prime Minister Hubert Minnis will speak tonight in a national address to the country since re-implementing measures this week, to combat the increasing new virus cases in the country.

Wednesday will be significant as COVID19 cases surge during the third wave of the virus resulting in increasing rates of hospitalizations and deaths.

Nearly 50,000 Bahamian citizens and residents are fully vaccinated against the virus. However, many are still refusing to take the shot as health officials complain that 98.3% of its COVID-19 patients at Princess Margaret Hospital are unvaccinated.

A video went viral over the weekend, showing an overwhelmed hospital as patients lay on an outside corridor as rain poured nearby.

The Prime Minister is expected to discuss plans to assist with the care of people hospitalized with COVID-19, measures to limit further spread of the virus, and give an update on the country’s efforts to secure more vaccines.

The address will also focus on policies to ensure business continues and Bahamians are able to earn a living in a safe and responsible manner as measures are reintroduced.

This follows as pastors express disappointment in measures that limit their church services to one hour and spa owners are disgruntled as the Emergency Order prohibits operation of their businesses.

The address will air at 8pm on local stations.

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