Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Are Bahamians Adhering to COVID-19 Protocols?

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Following the 24-hour weekend lockdown and the implementation of the 7 pm curfew, Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle said the number of citations issued by police officials, have reduced drastically.

Speaking to reporters at the Police Community Outreach on Fox Hill Park, Rolle said the message is “getting across,” as only 5 persons were ticketed in New Providence over the weekend.

“Most people have been in compliance…We hope this is soon over to move our lives back to normalcy.”

Why it matters

Hundreds of people have appeared before the Magistrate’s Court, imprisoned and fined for violating the national curfew and lockdown measures.

Social gatherings reduced

Rolle said while there were no reports of parties in New Providence, police cited lawbreakers in the Family Islands, some of whom held parties despite the COVID-19 measures. He said one particular violator in Exuma was “dealt with.”

Parties continue to be a major concern and a suspect in the spread of the infectious virus in the country. Police say they will continue to clamp down on these events.

Minnis said last month, “I want to again discourage large social gatherings and parties. We are able to relax or we must implement more restrictive measures depending on what we do together to limit the spread of COVID-19, which you see from the news is still very much out of control in many countries in the world.”

The big picture

The country hit more than 5000 cases over the holiday weekend. A 24-hour lockdown and new 7 pm curfew were enforced in New Providence and Abaco to reduce infections as the country averages one death per day.

Countries that do not adhere to COVID-19 protocols are at risk of faster contract cases and exponential increases in COVID-19.

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