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‘They Had a Job To Do’–Pregnant Women Face Death and Lack of Care at PMH Amid Pandemic

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“They had a job to do. That’s their fault too.  That’s their job. That’s their mandate.

“They said if you come into the hospital, they would help you. They did not do that. They scorn you. They treat you bad[ly],” Kayla Edwards-Dean cried as she told her story to Eye Witness News.

Kayla Edwards-Dean with her husband. Photo credit: Kayla Edwards-Dean FB

The distraught young mother gave birth to twin boys at the Princess Magaret Hospital but learnt that the twins died after delivery.

Kayla said she arrived at the hospital and was made to sit on a bench for two and a half hours, writhing in pain, then forced to walk to a restroom, a few distances away.

Taking to social media to share her story, she said more than five hours later, she gave birth and was told the twins died.

Kayla said she believed the inattentiveness by nurses was because nurses feared that they would contract COVID-19, although she tested negative for the virus, on two occasions.

Kayla’s story is one of many stories told by mothers who have recounted horrific tales of their experiences at the country’s premier health facility as the hospital battles the increase in virus cases.

Two mothers have since died at the facility after giving birth.

36-year-old Zennrine Ramdas died of womb infection last week, after giving birth to a baby girl in August.

Zennrine tested negative for the virus.

Zennrine Ramdas died last-week Photo credit: FB

And 20-year-old Shakinah Dean died last month after giving birth to a baby boy. Her mother told stories of Shakinah not being given the necessary attention by nurses as she often banged on the hospital’s wall to alert nurses that she needed assistance.

Shakinah Dean contracted the virus but died after giving birth. Photo credit: FB

Another woman came forward over the weekend to recount her experience at the hospital as she gave birth.

Erlande Pierre Cineas said she was screaming in pain and was told by nurses to “stop crying wolf, no baby coming” as she told nurses that the baby was crowning.

She said she too was ignored and spoken rudely to as she attended the hospital for delivery care.

Kayla said nurses took a long time to address her concerns as she cried in pain and asked to be assisted.

Managing Director Katherine Weech said an investigation will be launched into the claims.

Kayla hopes for change at the medical facility.


Featured picture: PMH

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