Bargain Hunters Sentenced to One Year Probation

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Two women claiming to be bargain hunters, were sentenced to one year probation, after it was discovered the  air conditioning units they purchased, were stolen.

Nadia Oliver and Lurline Ferguson said they were looking to buy air conditioning units at a lower price.

They stood before Magistrate Samuel Mckinney, and pleaded guilty to receiving the stolen properties valued at $900.

Oliver and Ferguson said they each paid $300 for the units, to  Aaron Johnson, Darrio Wilson and Antwoyne Miller whom police, upon their arrest, found two more air conditioning units in their vehicle.

The men then took police to Oliver and Ferguson for the units they had sold to the women, which were the property of Keithwood Stubbs.

Magistrate Mckinney fined the three men: Johnson and Miller were fined $1800 as this was their second conviction and Wilson was fined $1000 because it was his first conviction.


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