Saturday, September 30, 2023

Mobile Payments at Family Court

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The Family Court is expecting major upgrades as clients will make virtual payments and collect monies at various local outlets using mobile devices.

Chief Justice Brian Moree said, “Persons will be able to make payments to the Family Court, using their mobile devices, using their telephones, their Ipads, computers.

“People will be able to collect the monies at a number of outlets, vendors, supermarkets, pharmacies, again using  mobile devices. So you are not going to have to come into the Magistrate Court at all,” Moree promised.

He said this will substantially change the way business is conducted at the court while eliminating in-person services in a COVID era.

“We hope it will provide a much higher level of service,” Moree said.

The contract has been awarded to a company and a signing company is expected soon.

Earlier in the year,  during the opening of the legal year, Moree criticized the state of the court system, alluding to major changes he believed were necessary to modernize the justice system.  

 “The need for reform and modernization of our Court System is now impatient of debate,” he said.

“That matter has been settled and what is needed is bold initiatives without, what has been described as, the dead hand of tradition holding back radical and fundamental change.” 

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