Komolafe After Release: My Spirit is Not Broken

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DNA Leader Arinthia Komolafe was flanked by supporters as she exited the Central Police Station on Monday afternoon. Komolafe said despite the arrest, her “spirit is not broken.”

Why it matters

Komolafe and other members of the DNA were questioned by police for a protest the group held about 3 weeks ago in front of the House of Assembly. The assembly was labeled ‘unlawful.’

The group was contacted on Thursday and Friday and asked to report to the station for questioning in regard to the matter.

What Komolafe said

Komolafe said she remains “very resolute” and will continue to push a message of change.”

While in police custody, Komolafe said she and her team answered a series of questions.

The matter is still pending and will go to the Police Head Quarters where Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle will make a final decision on the matter.

Komolafe said when the matter is finalized by Rolle, her legal team which includes Khalil Parker and Owen Wells, will make a decision on whether or not the party will file a civil suit against the government.

“The police were very professional today. We understand they were just carrying out their job and following the process. But we believe that it came from somewhere higher.

“…I left my children at home. They were very upset. My daughter asked yesterday, ‘what was the purpose of this process today?’ She was very concerned that I would be arrested. They don’t understand the process.”

“What you have seen here is a challenge to democracy and the right to be able to express ourselves and the right to be Bahamians in our society,” she said.

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