Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Two Murders in 24 Hours Involving Male Victims in Their 3o’s

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woPress liaison officer says police are looking for murder suspects in both matters

Police confirmed the death of two men found dead in less than 24 hours on Tuesday.

ASP Audley Peters said shortly before 1pm, a man on Pink Meadows Avenue, Bellot Road, was shot by a lone gunman, while fixing a vehicle.

Peters said the gunman escaped on foot, leaving the male in his 30’s dead.

This comes after the discovery of a body in St. Joseph’s Grave Yard on Boyd Road.

A man walking through the graveyard discovered the lifeless body of a man faced down with injuries to the head.

The man too, is believed to be in his 30’s.

Peters is asking members of the public to assist police with these investigations.

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