Monday, May 29, 2023

Coast Guard Still Looking for Missing Boaters. Two Bahamians Among Those Feared Dead

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Two Bahamian men are presumed dead after a boat they were in capsized off the coast of Florida following their departure from Bimini on Wednesday.

The lone survivor, Orville Lyons, a Jamaican national was found on Friday and told what happened, as Coast Guard officials search for the other six boaters.

What happened?


Orville Lyons straddles his capsized boat in the Atlantic Ocean, where he was stranded for two days before a boat crew from Southern Eagle Charter Fishing of Fort Pierce found him and rescued him. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO BY CHASE CORNELL
  • The two Bahamians, three Guyanese and two Jamaicans left Bimini on Wednesday after dark and the boat soon capsized at 8 pm, about 20 miles offshore of Fort Pierce Inlet.
  • The Bahamian captain finished a bottle of liquor, became intoxicated and fell overboard.
  • Soon, the 20-foot boat capsized in the rough, dark waters of the Gulf Stream, the 20-foot boat capsized.
  • The six men found four life jackets. Only three of the guys could swim, so they gave the life jackets to the three who were not able to swim.
  • After exhaustion set in, the swimmers were the first to drown, and by Thursday at dark, only the two Jamaican men remained alive. By dawn on Friday, only Lyons remained alive.
  • A crew aboard a charter fishing boat found him early Friday morning, as Lyons waved for their attention. Lyons body was stiff after almost 36 hours on the seas alone.
  • The crew sprang into action saving Lyons and soon called the Coast Guard who sent a 45-foot rescue boat.
  • Lyons was transferred to a hospital.
  • The Coast Guard continued to search the area on Sunday, deploying an HC-130 Hercules airplane and three cutter ships.

Featured Image: Chase Cornell/ TCPalm

Orville Lyons, holding the red cup, is comforted by boaters who rescued him from his capsized boat. Pictured, from left, are Jack Hendrix, Rob Lynch, Lyons, Peter Busch and Ashley Albers.
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