Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Davis Wants Testing for Bahamians Working With Tourists

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PLP Leader says asymptomatic travellers may transfer the virus to Bahamians

Opposition Leader Philip Davis is calling on government to conduct regular and extensive testing for Bahamians who work with or near visitors.

The Bahamas reopens the country to international travellers on Wednesday.

Davis said, as travellers enter the borders, Bahamians who work around tourists are at risk as travellers may be asymptomatic. He said Bahamians should be given regular COVID-19 testing.

“We know that the virus can be spread by people before they feel sick or develop symptoms. We know the virus can be spread by infected individuals who never experience symptoms.

“Because the virus can spread silently and quickly throughout our communities, we cannot wait until Bahamians develop symptoms to implement testing.”

“We need new testing protocols and in addition, every Bahamian who wants a test should be able to receive one. Testing will allow us to make visible a virus that spreads invisibly.”

Travellers are required to undergo an RTPCR COVID-19 molecular diagnostic test administered by an accredited lab, prior to entering the Bahamas.

And effective July 7th, the results of the RTPCR COVID-19 test must have been taken no later than seven days prior to the date of arrival.

Until that date, tests that have been taken no later than 10 days prior to travel will continue to be accepted.

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