Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Bahamas to Increase Egg Production

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Ministry of Agriculture to give farmers chicks to assist with egg production in the country

Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources Michael Pintard said 2000 layer chicks have been purchased from a local vendor and will be distributed to the Family Islands this week.

Speaking in the House of Assembly on Monday, Pintard said this will provide additional protein and encourage farmers in the various communities to produce eggs for their local economy.

He said, “The MAMR (Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources) has begun planning to work with the sector about urgently upgrading the available hatcheries so that we can in the short to medium term dramatically increase egg production throughout the Bahamas especially on New Providence, Eleuthera, Abaco and Grand Bahama in phase one.”

Pintard added that nearly 5000 chicks were ordered from a company in the United Stated and would be available within the next three weeks for distribution to New Providence farmers.

He said on receipt of these birds, the ministry intends to purchase an additional 5000 to 7000 layers to assist farmers further.

Presently, the country is believed to import 100 percent of its eggs from the United States.

Some Bahamians have also complained that the price of eggs have increased since the coronavirus pandemic.

Price Control Commission (PCC) Chairman Danny Sumner said the increase in price is the result of the demand for eggs in the United States. He said after the coronavirus pandemic, egg prices are expected to drop.

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