Tuesday, September 26, 2023

A Returnee Complains of Quarantine Facility

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The woman expresses displeasure with the treatment since her arrival home

A recent returnee in the first phase of repatriation is not pleased with the treatment she received since returning home after the opening of the border.

Returnees arrived Friday morning and are quarantined at the Breezes Hotel, according to the anonymous woman.

In a video, the woman showcases the hotel room and the exterior of the mandatory quarantine facility with a defence force officer guarding the premises.

She complains that the “mouldy” room is without air condition and says “the bed is hard.”

Showing a sandwich, chip and an apple, she complains that officials should not have given “Bahamians” the items to eat.

According to the woman, returnees were given a hygiene package kit, two packages of tissue, hand sanitizer, clorox wipes, broom, a pail for mopping and bottles of drinking water.

The woman says the Bahamians with residency status, who returned last week during the shutdown, were treated better than the returnees.

The national borders were shut down to prevent spread of COVID-19.

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