Tuesday, September 26, 2023

BPL Says Lightning Caused Power Outage

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Power outages in various areas after torrential showers

Bahamas Power and Light Company Ltd (BPL) confirmed that lightning strikes on its overhead system caused outages in a number of areas in New Providence.

On Saturday during torrential rain, many areas experienced power disconnections.

BPL said initially it was able to restore many of those areas, and its teams were conducting repairs in

Nassau East South, Star Estates, McKinney Drive and Carmichael Road.

In addition to those areas, there were isolated outages in Sunset Park and surrounding areas of Carmichael Rd. from the Blue Hill Road to Bel Air (including Golden Gates, Firetrail East, portions of Pinewood (including Buttonwood Ave. etc.) and Emmanuel Drive.

BPL said once its teams are finished at its present locations, it will move to address areas that remain out.

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