Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Health Minister Says No Cure for COVID-19 Just Yet

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Duane Sand says he is hopeful for a COVID-19 treatment

Health Minister Duane Sands said he is hoping and praying for a cure since 14 Bahamians have become infected with COVID-19 and medical experts expect a surge in the coming days.

In the House of Assembly yesterday, Sands said the deadly virus has no proven treatment as it continues to wreak havoc around the world, infecting more than 800,000 and killing nearly 40,000 people to date.

“It is very important that as people look to see whether or not there is a cure or a treatment, I hate to disappoint, but there are no validated therapies for COVID19 that exists anywhere in the world. They’re all being subjected to randomized procycle trials.

“Even yesterday there was a study about retro myosin and hydroxy chloroquine and a very small study, of less than 50 patients, and we are all hoping and praying that we will find the answer,” Sands said.

Recently, the Progressive Liberal Party called on the government to access Interferon Alpha 2B as a treatment for COVID-19 after reports suggest it may be effective in curing the disease.

But Dr. Sands said there remains some doubt with the effectiveness of the drug, but it may be promising.

“There are no documented therapies that have been validated for COVID-19. And so while alpha interferon may show some promise, it cannot be said to be an effective therapy.

What has been said is that in the test tube, it appears to be, helpful. I named some small studies, but with less than adequate evidence, it may show some promise,” Sand said.

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