PM Eyeing July 1st for Commercial Travel

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Dr. Hubert Minnis says the reopening for commercial travel depends on the COVID-19 trends and protocols

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis is eyeing July 1st for the reopening of the Bahamas for commercial flights.

Addressing the nation on Sunday, Dr. Minnis said, “We are looking at a possible opening date for commercial travel on or before July 1st.

“These dates may change depending on the circumstances. I want to repeat however that this date is not final,” he said.

Dr. Minnis said the date will be adjusted if his government sees deterioration in the COVID-19 infection trends or if it determines that the protocols and procedures are not in place sufficiently to warrant the opening.

“Our opening will depend on your cooperation,” he said.

“We all are eager to see our economy open up fully to travel for Bahamians and to welcome visitors back to our shores.”

Dr. Minnis continued, “The government is well advanced in our planning for the beginning of the re-opening of our tourism sector and to allow for travel in and out of the Bahamas.

“Our resorts, our airports and our seaports are finalizing the health and safety protocols that will be necessary for us to provide for a re-opening,” he said.

Dr. Minnis said his government is taking into account what is being done within the region and around the world and will design extensive guidelines to provide for reasonable assurance that travel and leisure are generally safe.

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