Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Campbell Tells Abusers to Mend Ways

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Social Services Minister says he is aware victims may face abuse during emergency order

Minister of Social Services and Urban Development Frankie Campbell had a word of warning for abusers who may take advantage of victims during the prolonged lock-down measures due to the coronavirus.

“It may have put some persons in some environments that ought to be safe but are not necessarily safe because it is in those home environments where some persons are abused and possibly worse,” he said.

“I want to say to the abusers that no time is a good time to commit acts of abuse. This is a time when they should reflect on the errors of their past and try to make amends and so I trust where some mistakes would have been made in the past, those perpetrators would repent of their ways and seek to build those bridges that they would have broken down,” Campbell said.

Campbell encouraged victims to call the Department of Social Services two national hotline numbers at 322-2763 or 422-2763, or the Crisis Centre at 328-0922 for assistance if required.

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