Thursday, February 9, 2023


A Coworker Is Quizzed After His BB Gun Killed a Man

Authorities have not yet determined if a man could face criminal charges over the fatal shooting of a coworker while clearing a BB gun.

The unidentified man in his 30s was enjoying a day shooting canisters with friends behind a building on Faith Avenue, when he was hit to the upper body by the pellets from the weapon, and died on the scene.

Friends and family gathered near the incident, hugging and consoling each other after the tragedy around 5 pm on Saturday.

Morticians carried the man’s body away from the scene.

Police have not identified the people involved but are questioning a 27-year-old man responsible for the killing.

The investigation remains open and active. No charges have been filed in regard to this incident.

Police cautioned that users should follow safety when clearing guns.

The BB gun identified as a high-powered rifle is designed to shoot projectiles and can be dangerous if it is not used properly.

Deaths by BB guns are unusual in the country but the man’s death proved fatal even though it does not have the power of an automatic weapon.

What We Know and Still Don’t Know About the Killing of the German Man in South Andros

Though the murder rate is seemingly rising in the Bahamas, rarely are crimes directed toward foreigners.

On Wednesday around 8 pm, a German man was shot and killed in Kemp’s Bay, South Andros, while another German national was wounded during the attack.

Here’s a look at what we know, and still don’t know about the attack:

How it unfolded

The masked gunman approached three German men who were outside of their residence in Kemp’s Bay. He flaunted a gun, startling the men. They then ran inside the house but the gunman shot in the direction of the men, striking two of them.

The gunman ran away.

The wounded men were transported to the local clinic in the area but one man died. The other victim, shot in the shoulder, was airlifted to Nassau for medical help. His condition is serious.

Motive remains unknown

The suspect is on the loose. It is not known if he is a resident of the Kemp’s Bay settlement, if he is a resident of another settlement and traveled to Kemp’s Bay or if he traveled from Nassau to the island to commit the crime.

Authorities have not provided a motive for the shooting, or whether the attack was a random act. But detectives from Nassau will travel to the island on Thursday to investigate what happened.

Authorities did not reveal the name of the victims and whether or not the men were engaged in a project on the island, only that they lived at a “summer residence.”

Fears of safety growing

Andros is typically a serene island and free of crime, unlike Nassau.

The killing sent shock waves through the community and condemnation from its member of parliament. It underscores fears that violence is directed at family islands and foreign nationals, as Nassau grapples with the increase of guns and murders.

MP Leon Lundy said he is “shocked,” “angered” and “grieved.”

Woman Dies in Early Morning Shooting

Police are investigating an early morning shooting that left a woman dead and a man in critical condition after gunmen attacked them at an intersection.

Police said it was after 9 o’clock on Saturday morning, the woman and man, occupants of a black Toyota Passo, stopped at the intersection of Victoria Blvd, Meadows Avenue.

Gunmen in the area, believed to be in a grey jeep, shot at them, and drove away.

The woman succumbed after transport to the hospital while the man is said to be in critical condition.

Police are still investigating the matter.


Photo credit: EWN

2 Abaco Police Shot, Suspect Shot Too in Domestic Violence Case

The officers shot in Abaco today are said to be “in good spirits.” The two officers were shot when they responded to a domestic dispute.

What happened?

  • Officers identified as Chief Superintendent Smith and Officer Lyndon responded to the domestic dispute in Pelican Shores.
  • Upon arrival, they were accosted by a man believed to be involved in the dispute.
  • The man then shot the two officers in the face and stomach.
  • The officers drove to the clinic and were treated for their “non-life-threatening” injuries.
  • The suspect was also shot and transported to the clinic where he is being treated.

One Man Dead, Another Injured in Latest Shooting

One man is dead and another is hospitalized after an incident unfolded on Commonwealth Boulevard in Elizabeth Estates.

The video circulated social media, showing two men in a vehicle, approaching the gate of a residence, but were shot by gunmen in a passing vehicle. The driver of the vehicle is seen in the video, exiting the vehicle, unaware of the passing vehicle.

A gunman exits the passenger side of the vehicle, shooting at victims with an AK-47.

What we know

  • It was shortly after 7 pm when the incident unfolded on Commonwealth Blvd.
  • The men were shot in the torso area of the body.
  • A private vehicle transported victims to the hospital but they later received assistance from EMS services while en route to the hospital.
  • One man in his late 30’s died while receiving medical help.

What is not known

  • Police are still investigating the motive for the shooting.
  • The age of the other shooting victim is not known.
  • Police won’t say how many other people were in the vehicle with the victims.

Shooting Leaves Boy Dead in Nassau Village

A seven-year-old boy was left dead on Sunday night in Nassau Village after a gunman fired gunshots into a group of people.

Reyes Williams was found lying face down on the ground with wounds about the body.

Police say shortly after 9 pm, they received reports of a shooting on Esmeralda Avenue and Alexander Boulevard, Nassau Village.

Reports say occupants of a blue Nissan vehicle drove up to the residence and a passenger discharged a firearm in the direction of the persons that were in front of the property.

Little Reyes was wounded by gunshots, and medical technicians announced the boy dead on the scene after an examination.

What is not known

  • the identity of the shooter
  • the motivation of the shooter

As investigations into this matter continue, Minister of National Security Marvin Dames called the shooter a “coward,” saying the police will find the person responsible for the murder of Reyes.