Thursday, March 23, 2023


Everyone Runs to Twitter and Dorsey Pokes Fun as Facebook Struggles with Major Outage

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is getting new users from his competitors as Facebook struggles to get back online.

He is tweeting through the Facebook outages that saw three apps go offline–Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.

Facebook is the single corporation that owns the messenger apps and now millions of users have been impacted.

In a tweet, Dorsey reminds Whatsapp of its privacy policy.

Twitter wasted no time in welcoming users, “Hello literally everyone.”

Whatsapp responds, “Hello!”

Dorsey gets in on the fun and says, “Thought this was supposed to be encrypted…”

Other users have joined Dorsey in poking fun at Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.

Facebook says it is working to resolve the problem.