Tuesday, October 3, 2023


‘This a Course I’m Ready to Go Down for’: Woman Dies Days After Viral Video About Poor Healthcare at PMH

Just days after decrying her stay at the Princess Margaret Hospital, a woman died from health complications.

Kenise Darville took to social media last week Wednesday in a more than 20-minute live stream video where she condemned PMH for its quality of healthcare.

The video went viral and blood donations were made to get her back to good health. She was said to be doing well since Tuesday when her husband Jerad posted to social media, “Because of your support we now have the best doctors tending to her. She is in special care and has improved tremendously in her spirits.”

Kenise’s passionate video showed her with tears streaming down her cheeks as she cried, “It [inadequate care] needs to stop. They [hospital staff members] are reckless, nonchalant, no empathy.”

Though details are limited as to the sickness she suffered and how she died, Kenise said she suffered from back pain which prompted her to check into the hospital at 3 am on January 2nd. Showing blood bruises on her hands, she complained that her blood count was low which doctors confirmed was at 20,000. This prevented her blood from clotting.

Kenise anticipated that doctors would order more platelets as promised but said they later returned on the eleventh suggesting that she seek blood donation from family and friends. At this time, her blood count was at seven thousand.

“These people doing a whole bunch of foolishness,” she said angrily. No hospital is supposed to run like this. PMH needs to be exposed.”

Kenise said had she known earlier, she could have asked family for blood donations a lot sooner.

“They didn’t see the urgency in that. They sit by and let all these days pass. No doctor came to see me on Friday. The weekend is hell. It’s worst on holidays.”

She was soon prompted to stop the ranting and recording by a nurse who stopped by her room where she lay in isolation.

“Miss, at this point, some people just have to go down for a cause and this a course I’m ready to go down for,” she said.

“When will you’ll start caring for people inside this hospital?” she asked the nurse.

The mother of three boys who was also the owner of a creative shop said her mother died weeks earlier and was buried three days prior to her admittance to the hospital.

And though she knew the bad experiences at the medical center, she had no medical insurance to receive private care at Doctor’s Hospital.

“No hospital suppose to run like this. PMH needs to be exposed.

“They [doctors] don’t read your notes and ask what you in here for. It’s ridiculous.

“This entire system just needs to change.”

What Happened to Shenique Miller’s Sister and How Did She Die?

Veteran journalist and new host of Beyond the Headlines Shenique Miller is accusing the country’s premier health facility of negligence following the death of her sister.

Miller took to social media to blame Princess Margaret Hospital for “poor care” and the “lackluster manner” in which it administered care to Swanson Miller Bridgewater.

Here’s what Miller says happened

On Sunday

  • Bridgewater visited PMH late that afternoon, with shortness of breath and weakness.
  • She was held in the Accident and Emergency Department where she was given water to drink.

On Monday

  • She was given drips since she felt weak and dehydrated.
  • A family friend, also an employee at the hospital gave her a cup of water and tea.
  • Bridgewater was soon discharged by a nurse.
  • She called Miller for assistance, concerned that she was still not feeling well with difficulty breathing.
  • Miller called a senior official for help in the matter.
  • Bridgewater was still discharged by that night and had difficulty getting from the car to the house.
  • The hiplok used for the drip was removed from her arm.

On Tuesday

  • She continued to breathe laboriously.
  • She became painful.

On Wednesday

  • Bridgewater died.

PMH has not responded to the accusations made by Miller.