Tuesday, October 3, 2023

‘The truth will set me free’: Kirk Cornish resigns and denies allegations ahead of his arraignment

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After months of waiting to see if the controversial sitting North Abaco MP Kirk Cornish will face charges for the alleged sexual and physical assault of his former girlfriend, the first-time MP will be arraigned on charges of sexual assault and threats of death.

The new and stunning development came Tuesday evening though police reports failed to specifically identify the “48-year-old male of Abaco.”

Cornish responded after reports circulated that he was indeed the individual to be arraigned in the Magistrate’s Court at 10 am.

“The charges are based on allegations which are totally false.

“I am fully confident that the facts which emerge during the judicial process will prove my innocence. I look forward to ending this nightmare,” he said in a statement.

This statement came after he resigned as Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, to which PM Philip Davis said the Director of Public Prosecutions “determined that there is sufficient evidence to bring charges” against Cornish.

“It is now up to our judicial system to resolve the outcome,” Davis summed up in a press release.

Cornish was questioned in May about the alleged incident which occurred in April and turned himself in to authorities in Grand Bahama where the police report was filed, but was soon released after questioning.

Many in the public doubted his arrest considering his public profile.

This case is unprecedented in nature and rarely do Bahamians see the arrest and charge of parliamentary members.

His charge and arraignment means he has a case to answer but Cornish said the evidence will show that “this was a break up that was manipulated and exploited for political reasons—and nothing more.

“The truth will set me free.”

Cornish remains the member of parliament for North Abaco.

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