Thursday, September 29, 2022

Moultrie’s Dream of ‘Open Parliament’ Becomes Political Rally

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House Speaker Halson Moultrie’s ‘open parliament’ concept quickly turned into a rally as third-party candidates and independent members of parliament joined forces to disparage the government and its policies.

Two weeks ago, Moultrie announced his initiative for the public to express its grievances and said it was a move to show the independence of the House. Without support from the government, Moultrie attempted to launch ‘open parliament’ before it was revealed that the House would be prorogued, which came as a surprise to many.

Moultrie, Independent MP for Centerville Reece Chipman, Leader of the Coalition of Independents Lincoln Bain, former FNM Bamboo Town parliamentarian and leader of the Bahamas Democratic Movement Cassius Stuart and Democratic National Alliance Leader Arinthia Komolafe joined forces under a tent erected in Parliament Square, to preach their displeasure with the government.

Supporters dressed in their respective party colors crowded the tent, ignoring the social distancing protocol.

“Change ain’t coming. Change is here” the crowd shouted as Bain made his way to the podium.

“…I did not come here to deliver an eloquent speech, I came here to start a fight. Ladies and gentlemen, the only way to get our country in order is to start a fight.

“…It seems like when we talk, they don’t listen, so it’s time for us to start a fight,” Bain said.

Stuart then chanted the COI’s slogan and said the country needs a revolution, as he decried the country’s economic system. He asked, “How do we move forward? How do we build our nation?

“Stop depending on the foreign investors,” he said.

Komolafe said crime and the healthcare system continue to burden the country.

Pointing at the House of Assembly, she said, “That House right there is not working for us. It is now closed. Your concerns are not being heard and your concerns are not being addressed,” to shouts of agreement from her supporters.

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