Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Jet Locker: New Shipping Company Gets Creative and Opens in Fox Hill

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A new shipping company has emerged on the business front, Jet Locker on Bernard Road, Fox Hill.

Though many shipping companies exist on the island, its owner Nikoan Johnson calls his company, “fresh and unique.”

“Essentially, it’s an ATM for your packages. You can come to collect your packages, and you don’t have to see, speak or interact with any one.”

Owner of Jet Locker, Nikoan Johnson with his wife D’Andre at the company’s opening on Thursday morning.

Johnson said the idea sprung up in 2019 when he wanted to participate in the growth of e-commerce in the country. He then decided to venture into courier services.

“I had never heard of parcel locker. I didn’t know what it was. But one day, after maybe two weeks, I prayed about it. I kid you not, in about sixty seconds, the idea came to me that I could use something like a locker.

“I remember my exact Google search today. I searched ‘electronic lockers for online orders.'”

Johnson said he then located suppliers and was supported by The Small Business Development Center, which led to its opening today.

Johnson is proud that Jet Locker’s main mode of delivery is by use of lockers. Customers can order items online. They are assigned a QR code which they scan to retrieve their items from the locker system, without human interaction.

ADAn automated system gives customers further support. Once a customer enters the building, they say, “Hey Google, talk to Bella for customer support.”

The programmed software named ‘Bella’ after his pet rottweiler, then responds and gives customers instructions on how to retrieve the items from the locker. The automated system answers all customer inquiries.

“She will come running to your aide.

“We will be expanding her functionality. Eventually, she will be answering the phone, taking customer phone calls, pass data, verify customer identity and retrieve the requested information from our server, all without the need for human interaction,” Johnson said.

Jet Locker is opened every day of the week from 7 am to 10 pm and is pet-friendly.

Johnson hopes to expand to other locations.

Customers can sign up for a shipping address at jetlocker.co



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