Rolle ‘Disappointed’ FNM Did Not Ratify Her. ‘It’s How You Do It,’ She Says

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Former Cabinet Minister Lanisha Rolle broke her silence on Tuesday for the first time since the FNM’s decision to not renominate her for the upcoming general election.

During the budget debate, Rolle used the opportunity to set the record straight in regard to the party’s decision to nominate a new candidate for the Sea Breeze constituency, at times scolding the government in its handling of the issue.

In her critique of the government’s handling of her, Rolle said, ” It’s not what you do. It’s how you do it.”

The party recently nominated Maxine Rolle instead for the constituency, which Rolle won in 2017 when she ran on the FNM’s ticket. Rolle has since become a controversial figure within the party with numerous complaints coming from the two ministerial posts she once held–Minister of Social Services and Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture.

Rolle said she is disappointed that the party did not renominate her for the 2022 General Election, saying that her interest was to serve the constituents of Sea Breeze.

“Approximately three weeks ago, the Free National Movement chose to ratify another candidate in my stead to contest the upcoming general election. Given the truth of my labour, investment and sacrifice, given the overwhelming support of the Sea Breeze executives up to the time of that decision, and the ongoing support of the Sea Breeze constituents over the last 5 years, this decision and the events leading up to it, is most disappointing,” she said.

She added that her intention was to continue to serve the constituency, however, “the party has its perogative and can exercise its power intrusted in it, and can do as it sees fit.”

“It is well,” Rolle expounded. “My only wish is that your words be guided with the truth.”

Rolle said she received “overwhelming support from the executives of the Sea Breeze constituency” adding that the executives “were all disappointed to see the position the party took, notwithstanding their expressed support” for her.

“I hold no malice or ill-will. I wish the FNM all the best,” she said. But the situation, like many, most unfortunate, in my mind, was distasteful,” she said.

Rolle said when she realized that she was not ratified early like other parliamentarians, she then wrote the party notifying it that she would not seek renomination for 2022.


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