Monday, February 6, 2023

At Least Three Deaths Investigated for the Coronavirus

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As rumours swirl surrounding the death of a marine officer, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pearl McMillan said three or four deaths are being investigated for COVID-19.

During the COVID-19 Update, Dr. McMillan said health officials face challenges in COVID-19 death classification.

“The difficulty is getting all of the information to determine whether  or not a case that was not outright a COVID-19, fits within that…on the death certificate if COVID19 will be the major cause that contributed to that death.”

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force issued condolences for Leading Mechanic Livingston Pratt, who passed away on Thursday. Now many are speculating that his death was related to COVID-19, as the number of cases among law enforcement officers climb.

Dr. McMillan said three cases in Grand Bahama had to be reviewed by officials and those cases were added to the dashboard for the total coronavirus deaths.

She said a committee is reviewing the contributing factors of the three additional deaths to concretize whether or not they were COVID-19 deaths or COVID19 associated deaths.

Last-week the Ministry of Health confirmed three additional COVID-19 related deaths. The total COVID deaths now stands at 14.


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