Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Employers Face Fines for Lack of Mask at Workplace

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Prime Minister Hubert Minnis lays down consequences for business owners

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said employers will be fined if their employees serve the public without masks.

At a COVID19 press conference on Sunday, Dr. Minnis said employers must provide their employees who are serving the general public with masks and appropriate protective equipment and measures.

“If not, the employer could face a fine. Let me repeat, employers will face fines if their employees serving the public are not wearing a mask,” he said.

Dr. Minnis added that store owners can also be fined for allowing customers to enter their establishments without a protective face covering.

He said in the absence of a mask, customers can wear a scarf, T-shirt, or cotton cloth that covers the nose and mouth.

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