Carousal At Court Party–Chief Justice Moree Promises Investigation

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Chief Justice Brian Moree calls the video in question, a serious matter that needs urgent attention

The Office of the Judiciary said the video in circulation showing staff dancing and socializing does not “reflect the standards and professionalism” of the courts.

In a press statement, the Chief Justice Brian Moree and Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt said it is a serious matter that requires urgent attention to ensure public confidence in the justice system.

A video circulated social media last-week, purportedly showing several women dancing in a suggestive manner to dance hall music, while holding beverages in what seems to be a courtroom at the Magistrates Court complex on Nassau Street.

Several men are also seen dancing in the 30-second clip.

The press statement confirmed that the party was held on July 9th in the Magistrate’s Court Complex with staff in breach of the emergency order, who are seen without mask and not adhering to social distancing protocols.

Moree and Ferguson-Pratt in a joint statement said, “We wish to advise that an internal enquiry into this incident has been launched to determine what actually occurred in the Magistrate Court building and the facts and circumstances surrounding the events which are partially captured on the video.”

The court officials said, “Appropriate action will be taken in line with the conclusions of the enquiry.”

The statement continued, “We are cognizant of the importance of preserving the decorum of court buildings and the dignity and fairness of all court proceedings. For these reasons, we regard, the incident shown on the video as a serious matter which requires our urgent attention and action consistent with maintaining public confidence in the administration of justice.”

The video has garnered criticisms by many posters on Facebook, some describing the actions as “distasteful.”

Erica Thompson said, “There should never be a party in a courtroom. It’s disrespectful.”

Iana Moss blamed the weaknesses of the court system on the “slackness” exhibited in the video.

She said, “This is why many men on child support who shouldn’t be there, because of the slackness, unprofessionalism and unfairness of the system.”

Other posters said they expect the firings of those involved in the video.

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