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Bahamian Man Living in Canada: Gay Men are Murdered in the Bahamas

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Anastarzia Anaquway tells the Canadian television audience the tragedy of living in the Bahamas as a gay man, but his claims have been denied by Bahamians

A Bahamian gay man living in Canada and competing in Canada’s Drag Race reality television competition said hate crimes against the LGBTQ community in the Bahamas is common place.

To the amazement of fellow competitors, Anastarzia Anaquway says those who live an alternative lifestyle in the Bahamas face the possibility of being killed by gunshot.

“Unlike other countries like the United States and Canada, it wasn’t accepted at all.

“I’m talking about I’ve had so many friends murdered, shot in the face as they’re opening their front doors,” Anaquway said.

In disbelief, a competitor says, “What?!”

Anaquway goes on to say that he lived the experience, having being shot with a bullet lodged in his right kidney, after arriving home from work.

While applying makeup on the set of the show, Anaquway tells of two men approaching his car and shooting him in the arm, chest and stomach.

After the incident, he said he drove himself to the hospital.

A tearful Anaquway said after learning how to walk again, he left for Canada where he said he applied for asylum.

Anaquway said he remains grateful to Canada.

Anaquway’s allegations were criticized by many Bahamians who deny the accusations levied against the country, calling his statements, fabricated.

Others defended Anaquaway, saying he should be allowed to tell his story based on his experience.

One poster Ernesto Williams expressed pride in Anaquaway for competing and for sharing his story.

Williams says because the incident is unknown, it does not mean it did not occur and advised posters to, “leave his (Anaquaway’s) name out of your social media and your mouth.”

“Do not discredit his truth. You defame and blind yourself with such blaspheming and dehumanizing words,” Williams says.

In November of last year, the Bahamas was ranked the 46th most dangerous country for LGBTQ travelers, based on the LGBTQ+ Danger Index.

The index graded the Bahamas, giving it a D- for its lack of protections for the LGBTQ community.

It also pinpointed the country’s failure to legalize same-sex marriage, offer worker protection for sexual orientation or gender identity, offer protection against discrimination, criminalize violence and hate crimes for LGBT people, and recognize adoptions by same-sex couples.

Picture credit: Starzy Anastarzia Anaquway Facebook

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