Prime Minister Hubert Minnis Restricts Grand Bahama as COVID-19 Cases Climb

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Dr. Minnis says if the island shows no improvement, it will be locked down on Friday 24th
As the Bahamas watches its COVID19 numbers increase exponentially, Grand Bahama has seen a surprising resurgence in cases after being Covid-19- free for a little over two months.
Prime Minister Hubert Minnis attributed the increase in cases to “the re-institution of international flights and passenger sea transport.”
He said surveillance teams have traced many of the cases to Bahamians returning to the Bahamas.
Grand Bahama has experienced an increase of 31 new cases over the past two weeks according to health officials.
Dr. Minnis said if efforts to decrease the number of cases are unsuccessful, other restrictive measures may be recommended, including a lock-down beginning Friday 24th.
Dr. Minnis has implemented new measures for Grand Bahama.
  • A new curfew for Grand Bahama will be implemented from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. daily, starting tomorrow, the 20th of July.
  • All public and private beaches and parks will be closed until further notice, effective Monday 20 July 2020 at 5 am.
  • International and domestic borders will be closed to all incoming and outgoing flights and sea vessels to and from Grand Bahama, except for emergencies and to transport essential services and goods, effective midnight Wednesday 22 July
  • Ferry boat operations between East End, Grand Bahama and Crown Haven, Abaco will not be allowed, effective Monday 20th at 5 am.
  • Health officials on Grand Bahama have recommended stricter enforcement of social distancing and mask wearing, with fines for non-compliance.
  • To address the potential for community spread, indoor dining will be closed effective Monday 20th.
  • Outdoor dining, takeaway and curbside delivery will be permitted.
  • Bars remain closed.
  • All Fish-Fry establishments, inclusive of, but not limited to Eight Mile Rock, Smith’s Point, West End and Williams Town will be closed effective Monday the 20th July.
  • All congregant activities and gatherings, inclusive of religious services, weddings and funerals and sporting activities will not be allowed, effective Monday 20 July 2020. This does not include students taking national examinations.
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