Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Rebel Businesses Threatened With Closure

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Dr. Hubert Minnis says businesses not obeying Covid-19 regulations ‘will be dealt with’

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis sent a strong warning to a few business establishments that he said are not adhering to the COVID-19 regulations.

During the tabling of the emergency proclamation in the House of Assembly on Tuesday afternoon, Dr. Minnis did not mention the names of the businesses, but said they “will be dealt with” if they continue to defy the laws.

“I do not want to call any restaurant or nightclub’s name. But that particular nightclub in the east knows whom I’m speaking about. Be assured that if we see that happening again what has happened, they will be dealt with properly.

“And the same message goes out to the two restaurants in the west. I need not call their names, but they know one is east of me and one is west of me. And I live Tropical. So one is to my left and one is to my right. They know who they are.”

Dr. Minnis said their actions has placed the Bahamian populace at risk for the virus, and they will be held accountable.

“If they continue to behave in that manner, they too will be closed because we will not tolerate breaking our laws to place our citizens in danger, our healthcare system in danger and possibly collapse of our entire healthcare system where individuals with simple headaches will not be able to see a doctor because we’re utilising all of our services to deal with Covid matters. We will not allow that to happen

“Individuals who break our laws, be it for money, greed or anything else, we will deal with them appropriately,” he said.

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