Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Cabinet Consents to a COVID-19 Enforcement Team

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PM says the newly established team will ensure adherence to COVID-19 regulations

Cabinet has agreed with the establishment of a COVID-19 enforcement unit, announced Prime Minister Hubert Minnis in the House of Assembly on Tuesday afternoon.

Cabinet met prior to the House session, where Dr. Minnis tabled the Proclamation of the Emergency Order.

“I want to inform this parliament and the country that Cabinet has just recently agreed to pass, one hour ago, the establishment of a COVID enforcement unit where individuals will be traversing, not only New Providence but throughout the entire Bahamas, assisted by the police force and the relevant agencies. [They will] enforce our laws with respect to mitigating or preventing COVID from entering our shores,” Dr. Minnis said.

He said the enforcement unit will take the matter seriously and will penalize anyone in contravention of the regulations.

“Regardless of who the individuals may be, be they visitors, residents or citizens, if they are in violations of our laws, they will be dealt with properly.”

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