Monday, February 6, 2023

No New COVID Case for the Bahamas

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Health Minister Duane Sands said 117 people tested and 4 are positive COVID cases

Minister of Health Duane Sands said no new cases of the coronavirus have emerged, as only four persons so far have tested positive for the deadly virus.

In a press conference on Sunday, where he gave an update on the COVID19 situation in the Bahamas, Dr. Sands said a total of 117 people were tested, but the number remains constant as there is no new case.

Sands said the initial COVID19 patient, a 61 year old woman remains hospitalized, while the three other patients remain in isolation with no hospitalization at the time.

Sands said within the week, 7 people remain in quarantine while 35 individuals were released.

Sands said beginning Monday, Doctors Hospital on Blake Road would come on stream and will be used to treat COVID19 patients.

Sands added that 1750 test kits are available in the country and another 10,000 kits have been ordered.

He said 2,500 test kits should reach the country by midweek.

Sands reminded people not to have a false sense of security, saying that the Bahamas is at war with the new virus.

He urged everyone to remain indoors and only leave home if necessary.

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