Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Social Media Users Help Coconut Vendor Pay Fine

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The 18-year-old says barking coconuts is his only source of income

Users of social media came to the aid of a young man fined for selling coconuts during the national lockdown.

18-year-old Jason Williams, nicknamed ‘Coconut Boy,’ has won the hearts and sympathy of social media after he faced a penalty of $700 for breaching protocols and operating a non-essential business.

He pleaded guilty in Magistrate’s court after he was discovered selling coconut meat and water on May 15th.

After publication of the story in a local daily, the Tribune, social media posters banded together to pay the young man’s fine.

Khandi Gibson of the organization, Families Of All Murdered Victims, spearheaded the initiative, and showed a picture of the paid fine in front of the courthouse.

Williams said, “I really thank you’ll for supporting me. Thanks a lot.”

He continued, “That’s my hustle. That’s the only way I make money. Coconut is something I like to do. That’s my hustle.”

Williams admitted he did not have permission to sell as the emergency orders ban roadside vendors, with the exception of newspaper selling.

Many supporters of Williams said he was making an ‘honest day’s pay’ and that the law was turning citizens into criminals.

However, some users said the law of the land should be adhered to.

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