Saturday, September 30, 2023

Fyre Festival Fraudster Billy McFarland Is Back in the Bahamas on a Treasure Hunt Mission

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Following Billy McFarland’s recent release from prison for defrauding investors and vendors of millions of dollars, he is back in the Bahamas on a treasure hunt.

McFarland will be followed by producers of a documentary as he shows his adventures in After the Fyre. Cameras will follow him as he pays back vendors the $26 million he defrauded in 2017.

Famed Bahamian caterers featured in the Netflix film The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Maryann and Elvis Rolle were conned out of $50,000 and were never refunded but recouped their losses through GoFundMe donations.

Elvis spoke to the Tribune: “From the time they left the country, I haven’t heard nothing from them. Almost five, six years, whatever time it is, I never heard anything from them.”

McFarland has been teasing his latest adventure on social media where participants must track down one of 99 bottles with a message contained inside.

The video McFarland posted to social media shows participants surprised with a treasure hunt to the Bahamas as they dive into Bahamian waters to retrieve the bottles.

It is not known what part of the Bahamas McFarland has returned to for the latest venture, but Elvis said since McFarland has been released from prison, he should “make sure everybody’s paid and pay this money down before he touches down in this country.”

In April 2017, McFarland along with Ja Rule organized the Fyre Festival, which was originally promoted as a luxurious music event in Exuma, Bahamas. Several celebrities got on board to promote the event including Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. But when thousands of concertgoers landed in Exuma, the high-profile music festival was a nightmare.

Concertgoers complained of tents stocked with wet mattresses, being served cold food, and music acts that never showed up.

McFarland served 4 years of the 6 years handed down in his sentencing and issued an apology to investors and vendors for his wrongdoing.

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