Friday, March 24, 2023

Immigration Ministry to Root Out Corruption

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Elworth Johnson said his ministry will appoint an officer to investigate corruption

Minister of Immigration Elsworth Johnson said his ministry will appoint an officer to help eliminate corruption within the department.

Speaking at the Ministry of Financial Services, Trade and Industry & Immigration Virtual Symposium on Wednesday, Johnson said tackling corruption is the goal of his department.

“I cannot stress how vital, tackling corruption in the department of immigration is to our agenda.

“It is a primary focus for us here at the ministry, and I am happy to report that we have created a new position to specifically accept and investigate complaints, and to root out corruption.

He said the position of an officer in charge of the corruption unit has reached Cabinet level.

“This is not just conceptual. The Cabinet has discussed the need for such an officer, and we are moving forward in the hiring process,” Johnson said.

He added that the creation of a cashless system through online payments will help to eliminate corruption in the department.


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