Tuesday, September 26, 2023

PLP Denies Responsibility for ‘Fake News’ About the Death of Neko Grant’s Son

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FNM refutes the news in circulation on social media; both parties offer their condolences to the Grant family

Former Minister of Workers Neko Grant

The Progressive Liberal Party is denying it is responsible for “fake news” circulated on social media about the death of the son of the former Minister of Works Neko Grant.

Opposition Chairman Fred Mitchell said in a press statement on Saturday, “The PLP takes note of a statement issued today in the name of the Free National Movement connecting the PLP with statements on social media about the death of the son of the former Minister of Works Neko C Grant and the accusations contained therein.

“Those accusations made by the FNM are false and malicious in every material particular. The statements do not meet the standards we expect to emanate from a governing party. We denounce each and every one of their accusations,” Mitchell said.

The Free National Movement issued a statement prior, condemning “the vile, vicious, mischievous, and misleading fake news being circulated.”

The FNM said Grant’s son who was a baseball coach “has not visited Florida during this year, 2020,” stating that “it is sad to witness the malicious extreme some would go.”

Though the FNM’s statement made no mention of the PLP, Mitchell clarifies that the PLP issued no such statement but only expressed condolences to the grieving family.

“The PLP has issued one statement in connection with the death of Neko Grant Jr. and that is to express condolences to the family. There have been no other statements.

“Within minutes of the death of Mr. Grant, the Leader of the PLP spoke directly with Mr. Grant to express his personal condolences. The Chairman did the same. Both men spoke for the party. Both the Leader and the Chairman have long-standing personal and professional ties to Mr. Grant,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell continues,”We regret that the FNM has caused them this additional discomfort.”

The FNM said, the Grants are appreciative of the calls, messages, and tributes paid to their son, who they recognised as a husband, father, qualified professional, and community contributor with strong international ties.

The FNM party said the grieving family is asking for privacy and prayers during this time.

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